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Oct 22, 2015 · Collective Invention: Directed by Oh-Kwang Kwon. With Shin Ha-kyun, Lee Kwang-soo, Esom, Park Chul-min. Starring: Jung Yu-mi, Lee Kwang-soo, Bae Seong-woo. Starring: Kang Ha-neul,Han Hyo-joo,Lee Kwang-soo. 1. Uncover insights into the off-screen life of Lee Kwang Soo and stay updated on their most recent works, all on Viki.. Find out more about his profile, filmography, awards, and trivia on MyDramaList, the largest community for Asian entertainment. 2022 | Rating Usia: 16+ | 2j 7m | Laga. Hán-Việt.

Lee Kwang Soo (born 14 July 1985) is an actor from South Korea. I Kwang-su. With Kang Ha-neul, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Kwang-soo, Kwon Sang-woo. May 1, 2019 · Inseparable Bros: Directed by Sang-Hyo Yook. Unavailable on an ad-supported plan due to licensing restrictions. IMDb's advanced search allows you to run extremely powerful queries over all people and titles in the database. He then received further recognition for his roles in medical melodrama It's Okay, That's Love (2014), neo-noir film Confession (2014), black comedy film Collective Invention (2015), one-act play Puck! I Gwang-su. McCune–Reischauer. Lee Kwang-soo (Korean: 이광수; born 14 July 1985) is a South Korean actor, entertainer, and model. Jun 7, 2022 · Dưới đây là 15 bộ phim xuất sắc nhất, chứng tỏ thực lực tuyệt vời của diễn viên Lee Kwang Soo.

With Lee Kwang-soo, Lee Cheon-hee, Park Bo-young, Kang Bong-Sung. Find exactly what you're looking for! The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure. Dibintangi: Kang Ha-neul,Han Hyo-joo,Lee Kwang-soo. In the Joseon era, a brave crew of pirates and bandits brave the rough waters and try to decipher the clues to find the lost royal gold before their rivals do. Find the latest filmography, dramas, movies, news, pictures, videos with Lee Kwang-soo Get to know Lee Kwang Soo, from Korea. Anh xuất hiện lần đầu trong bộ phim sitcom Ông ấy đến rồi (2008). The Pirates: Goblin Flag - Hải Tặc: Kho Báu Hoàng Gia Cuối Cùng (2022) Diễn viên: Kang Ha Neul, Han Hyo Joo, Kwon Sang Woo, Lee Kwang Soo. In 2009, Lee Kwang Soo gained wider recognition for his character in 'High Kick! Through the Roof', which was part of the viral 'High Kick!' TV series. Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Melodrama. Park Goo (Lee Kwang-Soo) mutates into a man-fish due to side effects from an experimental drug.

A gutsy crew of Joseon pirates and bandits battle stormy waters, puzzling clues and militant rivals in search of royal gold lost at sea. Tiếp nối bộ phim The Pirates năm 2014, The Pirates: Goblin The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure. Se-Ha is intelligent, but confined to a wheelchair, while Dong-Goo is tall and athletic, but has a mental age of 5. Lee Kwang Soo is known for significant roles in "The Killer’s Shopping List" and "Sinkhole". Lee Kwang-soo, Korean Actor, Korean Singing, Korean Singer, 이광수. Tags: Multiple Mains, Multiple Couples, Winter Setting, Christmas Setting, New Year Setting, Hotel Setting, Hotelier Male Lead, Housekeeper Live. Mar 2, 2022 · The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure: Directed by Jeong-hoon Kim. He made his acting debut in the sitcom Here He Comes (2008). Drama. 2022 | Maturity rating: M | 2h 7m | Action.

He began his career as a model in the fashion industry before first appearing in the SBS sitcom 'Here He Comes' in 2008. Lý Quang Thù. Dec 29, 2021 · A Year-End Medley: Extended Version (Korean side story) Native Title: 해피 뉴 이어. Also Known As: Happy New Year , Haepi Nyu Ieo. Lee Kwang-sing ( Tiếng Hàn : 이광수; sinh ngày 14 tháng 7 năm 1985) là nam diễn viên, diễn viên hài, nghệ sĩ giải trí và người mẫu người Hàn Quốc. Director: Kwak Jae Yong.Lee Kwang Soo is a popular and versatile actor who has starred in dramas such as Live (2018) and movies such as Tazza: One Eyed Jack (2019). Kru bajak laut dan bandit Joseon yang pemberani menghadapi perairan badai, petunjuk yang membingungkan, dan rival militan saat mencari emas kerajaan yang hilang di laut. The police officers at South Korea's busiest patrol division toil day and night as keepers of law and peace -- but the reality is far from orderly.